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Declaration of the Somalia Labour Party Establishment


The Somali Labour Party as mentioned in its Constitution is a party of production, service, construction, industrialization of all levels for nation development goals, and is committed in strong sense to strive to produce in order to sustain , feed, and take care of all essentially needed productions through production industries so to alleviate hunger and suffering of its population through hard work, innovation, technology, good governance based on transparency, accountability and above all reliance on Allah the Almighty, the Provider and Sustainer that feeds all livings in his World.

Knowing that the concept of industrialization is very huge and multi disciplinary concepts our industrialization policy must match those concept and focus on all aspects of industry sector in our Country from Crafts, small factories of all levels, medium production industry as well as large capacity industries or called heavy industry in order to benefit from all God given resources to us from agriculture, fishing, crafting, different rough materials and minerals.

In order to materialize and consequently implement its industrialization policy The Somali Labour Party shall elaborate separate and joint policy of all kinds of production industry, and shall commit itself to supervise transparently that policy through strict and accurate accountability of its implementation.

The following are the Labour Party industrialization Policy:

A) The historical concept and ideology of all labour democratic parties were the consequence of the World Industrial Revolutions ( known as Industrial Revolution ) is the most important task of the Somali Labour Party targeted to achieve party goals and objectives since it’s the main highway that will lead our country to success and progress in all sectors of life God will.

B) The Somali Labour party shall commit itself to develop concrete and solid strategy to develop rules and regulation that will benefit all those in the Industry and factories business whether private or public so to promote and increase participation and production, and to achieve those aims shall prioritize necessary steps to take to revive production factories in Somalia by starting with Craft production factories, food processing, fruit and vegetable processing, meat and fish processing factories, milk and diary processing and so fourth.

C) The party shall mainly focus on privately owned production focusing primarily onto craft and small production and processing industries, and commit itself to provide needed services such as loans to purchase essential small and medium size factory, machinery, industrial tools and equipments, heavy and light industrial tracks, spare parts, electrical generators, water supply and water purification stations and all parts needed essentially for the functionality of their factories or industry.

D) Shall commit itself to guarantee land ownership is strongly protected by the law and small factories and family owned craft producing factory as well as textiles ( Alindi ) and privately owned medium size production factories are given security and guarantee for the personal lives and property, shall also welcomes and encourages good will investors from abroad that apply to invest and work in the Somalia Medium and large or heavy industrial Corporations through transparent legal process.

E) The Somali Labour Party shall commit itself to provide proper knowledge and experience to industrial or factory related working group and business by establishing special Vocational Schools for industrial purpose like mechanical, electrical, carpentry, masonry, production groups, forklift and truck drivers, warehouse managers, re-training former industrial technicians and professionals equipping them with all necessary and possible tools to increase the effectiveness in their fields, giving them the opportunity to attend and participate in seminars.

F) Shall encourage and fund through Bank loan all essential and necessary industrial and factory establishment so to implement the party policy towards the preparation of skilled technicians, Job creations, re-energize all production sectors, encourage other sectors involved in production such as farmers, fishermen, herders, dairy and poultry as well as energize and ignite the consumer market locally and regionally make Somali production industry compete positively with their counterparts in Africa, Asia, Europe and America God will.

G) The Somali Labour Party shall also encourage the production of Crafts, textile Somali made clothes, shoes, bags, belts, processed meat, fish and sea food, processed dairy products, poultry in all its forms, processed and packed food items, fruit , beverage, furniture, oil produce, leather and processed skin, and so forth.

H) Shall commit itself to accurately search and relocate to Somalia identifiable factories looted from the country and sold or installed in other countries for personal or special group gain, and to implement these actions the party shall nominate special commission for the investigation, search , find and return to Somalia all through legal procedures.

I) Shall create and establish Committees that shall be in charge of the revitalization and re-starting process of the party industry and factory policy from small, medium and large size or corporate industries, assist them in reclaiming their business, connecting them with the International Industry, Markets as well as with potential investors if offered.

J) Shall commit itself to welcome all former foreign factory and industry owners or share holders, give them back their factories after careful evaluation and investigation of their genuine factory ownership documents, and for this case shall establish special committee with enough experience and knowledge about the Somalia production industry and factories before 1990.

K) In case of ownership or lease expiration the specially appointed committee shall see and evaluate when did that expiration occurred if it was before 1990 or after 1990 , in both case the committee shall decide accordingly whether an extension or a revocation is applicable in the case that shall be compatible and in accordance with the Rule of Laws of the country that regulates factory and industry ownership cases.

L) The party fiscal policy should be put on hold for five years and factory or industry owners shall enjoy and be tax exempted as an incentive to alleviate income lost suffering during the Somali Civil Wars as well as a tax freeze and exemption for all production factories related imports such as industrial machines, heavy and light machines and their parts, trucks and tractors , forklifts, generators, mechanical and electrical parts, gas or diesel fuels, oil and graze as well as all factory or industry tools and equipments to the operational purpose.

M) To avoid importing processed food items, beverages, clothes and related this party shall encourage local produces by minimizing taxes on them when putting them in the market to compete with imported items that shall be taxed three time more than the locally produced same items, shall also encourage local produce for exports in the same way alleviating related export taxes so to encourage our industries to compete with their counterparts in the region as well as internationally Insha Allah.

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