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Declaration of the Somalia Labour Party Establishment


The Somali Labour Party is a Social Democratic party founded on the principles of social development as well as the establishment, creation, and mobilization of its young generation through Sports and Physical activities with the sole aim to establish physically and mentally health young Somali generation that shall be free of old traditional mentality of clan and hatred based ideology, and to integrate among themselves through Sport Clubs affiliation, and through Sport competition in the National,, regional, and international games, which this party commits seriously in order to lay the foundation of a New Somalia.

Among this party’s fundamental ideology and political strategy is to establish a clear Sports policy, solidly based upon the creation of a New Somalia young generation for a Somalia Nation that shall be equipped with modern social democracy that commits itself to serve and care for its young generation because it is the engine of the nation to move positively and peacefully forward, keeping in mind the old Roman say that said “ Healthy Brain in Healthy Body “ or better said “ Mentes sanos in corpus sanos”.

The Somali Labour Party shall always focus on and care of its Young generation’s wellbeing through Sports activity development, funds publicly and encourages privately owned and operated Sports Club, and to succeed the implementation of its policy this party shall design the following programs:


A) Sport shall be considered a compulsory subject of the Public School system curriculum as well as the Private School systems, therefore it is a must for all students that are physical healthy and not disabled to pass physical education subject as their graduation requirements alongside all other compulsory or mandatory subjects. As a school subject Sports shall be started as soon as at the primary schools periods, and be encouraged its participation among pears in order to facilitate for them come together as teammates in their future clubs.

B) In order to plant the Somali Sport’s three this party shall create full cabinet position in its government which shall develop its short term, mid term, and long term Sports policy alongside Arts, Culture, and tradition policies, shall fund and encourage Sports at all School levels or grades from primary to Secondary or Vocational Schools.

C) Shall establish and fund Vocational Schools for Sports and physical education for those students that choose Sports as their profession, given them all they need to become Sports professional Team members that shall represent their Country in all Sports competitions from national to International.

D) The Somali Labour Party shall also establish Sports Commissions at all levels of administration from Community to district, to Region, and to National level so to pave the road for a Somali National Sport Teams of all its variety of clubs that shall compete in the International Games representing Somalia, and in case of gold medal wins the athletes shall be honored in the National Sports Hole of fame and in the Somali National Sport History Books.

E) Specially legislated rule of Law, and regulations shall govern Somali Sports policy, that shall guarantee equal participation opportunity for all Somalis in the Sports Clubs without discrimination of all kinds, and with equal treatment in both participation and awarding programs through free and fair evaluations to be conducted and implemented by a joint Sport supervisory Commission.

F) The Somali Labour Party’s Sport Policy shall also strive to make Sports and Games in Somalia one of the biggest franchise market where private and public entities shall compete freely and fairly in the Sports Market so to not only make financial profit but also to develop and progress the Sports name and reputation of Somalia known and be included in the International Clubs for their professional gains.

G) The party shall develop a prioritized strategy of the very urgently needed and focused onto Sports Clubs such as Soccer or football Clubs, Basketball Clubs, Volleyball Clubs, Marathon, and all other running activities clubs, and so on.

H) International Sports representatives on behalf of Somalia must be elected by the professional clubs they belong to under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports and the Somali National Sports Commission group, this kind of election must be regulated by special internal regulation and must be transparent, fair and just to avoid corruption , mismanagement for illegal personal or group interest.

I) The Somali Labour Party shall also commit itself to continue strengthening and modernizing its Sport policy by updating results, upgrading skills, re-developing new skills if seen necessary, building Sports facilities, or repairing those former Sports facilities damaged by the Somali Civil Wars, constructing Sport Playgrounds or fields , Sport Schools, Fitness clubs, swimming pools, Sport boats and bicycles, providing Sport uniforms, establishing and equipping Sport Offices, and all other Sport related supplies to promote and create a Confederation of the Somali National Sport Clubs in the future Insha Allah

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