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Declaration of the Somalia Labour Party Establishment


Somalia as a failed State and Nation urgently needs the help of any goodwill groups that for the sake of humanity and caring and sharing principle shall commit themselves to save Somalia from its sufferings and find a lasting solution for its decade’s old problems.

The lost of millions of innocent lives, the displacement of another millions inside and outside Somalia, the continued mass killings, rapes, genital and vital organs mutilation as well as the psychological sufferings due to post war trauma syndrome are all concrete evidence and motivation that makes Somalia and its population victims of their own actions and of the actions of external influences as well, eligible for any kind of assistance from Security, food, medication, water, and so forth.

Alongside the man made catastrophe Somalia was hit by prolonged draught, floods and famine, which have contributed with the lost of human lives mainly children, mothers, and elders that were affected mostly like the current one that the International Community is still involved to alleviate the sufferings , and to make sure that human lives, livestock and environment are saved ASAP, and that is why the Somali Labour Party has committed itself to the creation of this site generally and particularly this Chapter which is “ Working together for Somalia “.

To materialize the implementation of this policy the Somali Labour Party shall establish Poverty Relief Commission that shall also be mandated to search relief funds that shall be directed to cover the essential and urgent needs of Somalis such as Water, irrigation projects, health and education assistances, will follow the establishment of modest housing for needy Somalis through micro economical projects as well as the establishment of disabled groups, orphanage and seniors centers.

The party shall develop and implement clear policy to achieve these goals through private and public participation as well as through non governmental organizations, charitable organizations from around the Globe that shall commit them selves to help alleviate suffering, and work together with our group in order to achieve set up short term, mid term and long term goals God will.

Funds and assistances shall be collected through legally registered non for profit Organizations that shall be transparent, and accountable for their services to be implemented under the constant supervision of the party assigned members for those humanitarian and revitalization tasks for Somalia in order to help Somalia return back within the International Community Membership and open its country to all good will investors and developers in the future so help us God.

And the last but not the least this party policy must always be based upon peace, justice, labour, faith on God the Almighty as well as a fair and brotherly cooperation among all mankind, sharing and caring, unity and togetherness is our motto, and faith in God is our ultimate responsibility and hope for a safe and better World for all mankind and all what is blessed to him by God, amen.

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