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Declaration of the Somalia Labour Party Establishment


Since Transportation is vital for all industries from row material to production to distribution, The Somali Labour Party as mentioned in its Constitution shall commit itself to the creation and establishment of modern transportation industry that shall guarantee safe and meaningful transportation activity for all our needs to move materials, produce, passengers from destination to destination

Keeping in mind that the concept of transportation industry is very huge and multi disciplinary, this party shall develop policy that must match those concept and focus on all aspects of transportation that must cover the needed transportation and moving activities in its different aspects land, sea and maritime, as well as aviation.

In order to materialize and consequently implement its transportation policy The Somali Labour Party shall elaborate separate and joint policy that shall cover the demand for transportation of all industries from production to service in comfortable and reliable ways, and shall commit itself to supervise transparently that policy through strict and accurate accountability of its implementation.

The following are the Labour Party transportation Policy:

A) Transportation is a vital and important industry that moves goods, services, and passengers from destination to destination and makes easy the connection between all different industries, and that is why this party considers transportation industry as the blood vassals or arteries through which goods , services, passengers as well as the economy flows and grows for the Somali people and for the Nation.

B) The Somali Labour party shall commit itself to develop concrete and solid strategy to develop rules and regulation that will benefit all those in the transportation industry in order to facilitate for business to develop whether private or public so to promote and increase its quality and its profit generation that shall pave the road for the economy of the country to develop fast and safe.

C) The party shall mainly focus on privately owned and operated transportation industry and commit itself to provide needed services such as loans to purchase essential needs like Truck trailers, small, medium and large size transportation trucks, Buses and minivans, lorries, ships, boats, and small fleet of transport aviation locally for the first five years.

D) The Somali Labour party shall encourage and alleviate taxes for those industries that deal with Trucks , lorries, buses, and mini vans for public service only, and shall not encourage but not stop the imports.

E) Private cars for personal use in all its different aspects but shall double or triple tax them on arrival. Tax relief shall also be guaranteed for that transportation industry, which deals with bicycles and mini motorcycles.

F) The Somali Labour Party shall commit itself to provide proper knowledge and experience for all those in the transportation industry by establishing special Vocational Schools for transportation, re-training former transportation technicians, mechanics, electricians, drivers, equipping them with all necessary and possible tools to increase the effectiveness in their fields, giving them the opportunity to attend and participate in seminars.

G) Shall encourage and fund through Bank loan all essential and necessary activities directed to the establishment and functioning of the transportation industry, money that will assist them purchase, buy, and import trucks, trailers, lorries, buses, mini vans, maritime ships and vessels, light and medium or small size transportation airplanes for local use in the first five years trial.

H) The Somali Labour Party shall establish and impose strict transportation regulation, and to do so shall nominate a transportation committee that shall be responsible for the re-establishment of this industry by creating Vocational Schools for transportation related profession and businesses. All transportation personel must go through very strict process from drivers to owners and maintainers or service providers.

I) Shall commit itself to accurately search for the disputed ownership through collective efforts to be done by the Judiciary organs that shall legally decide on all transportation related cases, and after the last final irrevocable ownership sentence shall commit to the re-registration process as well as re-certification of the ownership.

J) Shall create and establish Committees that shall be in charge of the revitalization and re-starting process of the party transportation policy from small size, medium and large size or corporate, assist them in reclaiming their business, connecting them with the International transportation industry as well as with potential investors if offered.

K) Shall commit itself to call back former Somali foreign born owners of transportation properties , give them back all traceable mobile and or immobile transportation related titles, license, garages, repair and maintenance premises or warehouses, all these activities must be done at the request of the interested former owner and strictly always through judiciary procedures.

L) In case of ownership lease expiration the specially appointed committee shall see and evaluate when did that expiration occurred if it was before 1990 or after 1990, in both case the committee shall decide accordingly whether and extension or a revocation is applicable in the case that shall be compatible and in accordance with the Rule of Laws of the country that regulates transportation industry cases.

M) The party fiscal policy should be put on hold for five years and all transportation business shall enjoy tax relief for that period and is considered as an incentive to alleviate income lost suffering during the Somali Civil Wars as well as a tax freeze and exemption for all those actively involved in the transportation business related imports such as truck trailers, lorries, buses, mini vans, bicycles, small and light motorcycles, maritime transportation ships, boats, small and medium light transportation airplanes, cargo planes as well.

N) To facilitate and encourage transportation industry The Somali Labour Party shall commit itself to repair and construct airstrips or airports, maritime ports also should be renewed and increased by size and volume, roads repaired or constructed new highways, construct new and modern truck and trailer repair and maintenance ware houses, vocational and technical colleges for the Somali transportation industry workers.

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