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Declaration of the Somalia Labour Party Establishment


The Somali Labour Party is a Social Democratic party founded on the principles of social development as well as the establishment, creation of a nation with a political strategy focused and directed to deliver essentially needed and necessary services that puts the wellbeing of its citizens in first place with higher priority and consideration.

Welfare policy shall be considered among this party’s essential objectives due to several motivations based upon facts, and realities regarding Somalia population at all levels of its society from villages to the Capital , this party shall plan, execute that policy because of the following motivations:

1) Somalia is a nation devastated and destroyed by a more than two decades of Civil Wars, and military interventions from its neighboring Countries that have reduced and degraded the Somalia life standard from bad to worst.

2) Almost all Somali Assets and wealth that were owned by the Somali Public or the private sector were either looted or destroyed by Somali Warlords of all affiliations such as Clan, Group, Religion, War Business group with the partnership of national, regional, and international crises beneficiaries.

3) Natural disasters such as floods, draughts, and famine have had their impact in Somalia alongside the man made catastrophe all contributing in the degradation and deterioration of Somali population’s standard of life.

4) The last but not the least the Piracy Group phenomena that after endangering International Maritime industry paved the road for NATO and consequently for other Nations from all Continents to occupy and send their military navy ships in the Somali Territorial Water, causing disruptions and risks to Somali fishermen.

Considering all the above mentioned reasons and facts , the Somali Labour Party put in its emergency or marshal plan to the establishment The Ministry of family and Social Services in order to implement its Welfare policy, and gives to this Ministry the following tasks:

a) To develop, and implement a Welfare Policy that shall guarantee the Somali Social Wellbeing, and a concretely, transparently elaborated study of the real situation of Somalis in emergency need of Social Assistances.

b) Conduct family registrations through zoning plan, and categorize them in two three groups, Orphans without parents, Orphans with one parent, Abandoned Seniors of all category, disabled physically and mentally.

To implement its welfare policy The Somali Labour Party shall Develop Plans according to the situation and shall categorize them into three Phases:

a) Emergency Plan: Shall consist on the Establishment of Walk in Feeding Centers, with the mandate and task to feed needy people that come for assistance in the daily basis, these feeding Centers shall provide hungry people with cooked meals and shall be established in every village of Zone so to facilitate the alleviation of hunger of course these centers shall provide sick people with some essential medical services as well as clothing. And this shall constitute the party short term plan.

b) The mid term Plan shall comprise the continuation of the emergency plan and the start up of the monthly food assistance distribution to families that are registered with known residential areas or address, the head of every qualified and eligible family shall be given FOOD CARD that will allow him or her to receive Welfare Assistance.

c) The Long term Welfare Plan of this party shall consist in the continuation but modernized of the Emergency feeding Centers this time with temporary shelter, medical, clothing assistances and so forth. This long term Welfare Plan shall close the activities of the midterm plan since the Ministry of Family and Welfare has completed at that time the assessment activity, registration and zoning and moves to the final phase Insha Allah.

Among The Somali Labour Party’s commitment are free Education, Universally free Health Care, Free Water for as long as this Party is on power, and subsidized electricity for the first and second mandate to govern the Country, and all these free assistances shall alleviate sufferings of the Somali people and shall be essential boosters for the Somali future economy that shall create Jobs and opportunities for all to take care of themselves and contribute in the national economy and wellbeing Insha Allah.

It is also among The Somali Labour Party’s Welfare policy to help Somali people come out of the suffering and starvation through Community and Not for Profit Organizations focused on the development of Water Systems such as drilling wells , Pools, modernizing irrigation, river water purification as well as plan for saline water purification, also is the party welfare policy plan the construction of Schools, hospitals, Walk in Clinics, mobile health Clinic , public and private ambulances, livestock development, re-forestation plans, development of public and private fishing industry, building roads, highways, airports , ports and housing industry , all these commitments even though seen as other plans are essential to the Welfare Policy of this Party, that shall implement without minimum hesitation Insha Allah once in power.

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